mar 01

How to hack the press


I get asked a lot about the best way to get press, and so I thought I'd write this to help others. Press offers an important channel for distribution to an audience that might otherwise never notice your product.

Who to target

A lot of people try to spray a single cookie-cutter email to press and pray that someone picks up their story. Nobody likes being approached like this. The email feels exactly like what it is: impersonal spam. You’ll get ignored.

What you

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dec 28

The beginning of #valleyanon


#valleyanon is a simple anonymous blogging platform that aims to help people tell their stories without fear. This site is made possible by your content. The front page is a moderated list of the best and most recent published stories.


A lot of people are becoming more and more conscious of privacy and how indelible things are on the internet. I'm allowing people a platform of anonymity to speak their mind, tell their story, or just help set the facts straight for the recor ...
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